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Teachers are in my opinion the unsunk heroes in our societies. I think the quote captures them very well.
Lovely images.


Yipee! My first comment went through without a problem. I guess the spam blocker has been fixed.

I like the second picture because the students seem so intense in their study. It's good to see dedicated students like them.


Great school shot !
The one where the student seems to be sleeping on the table is hilarious !


The last picture in this post is intense. Very well done. How do you do it?


I'm just curious how many shots you took? Because you go SO many wonderful images. Excellent job!


still lovely, the 4-th from the top is definitely my favorite one.


Very nice shots, I specially like the last one. May be you should have posed some f those in colour too.


A heartwarming portfolio here with a really engaging shot to finish. Neat quote, too, to sum it all up perfectly. Top quality posting.


Your blog is one of the few "photoblogs" that match the name. it really takes the viewer on a journey. well done.


Lovely pictures, Sidney.


Lovely pictures, Sidney.


sleeping during class! haha! we've all done that, lucky if the teacher doesn't notice :D

Ashish Sidapara

Nice happy shots, 3rd one is just superb .. look ma, i got no teeth ;-)


Cute kids and lovely shots - nice ones Sidney - again!

Hulaan mo nga

halos maluha ako sa graduation ni ate ko sa UP dati... she's a licemsec teacher btw... pero di sya nagtuturo.


Lovely images Sidney,
My fav is the last one ... i stared back at her for sometime.


Beautiful portraits Sidney, lovely series

Shazeen Samad

Beautiful,, truely love the tone and mood which u create in each photo.. cheers Sidney

Mike Dougan

Beautiful B&W's Sydney. Love this series.


Nice set of photos again Sidney!

I love the quote that you've written beneath the last picture. Beautiful!


Tena koe ehoa
These are all great documentaries of the education system in the Phillipines Sidney I like them all especially 2,3 5 and 6.
"The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth."

Very true but, "you can lead a horse to water but, you can't make it drink!"

Outcome is as and only as good as input.
The wanten desire to learn is an essential aspect of this equation.


Nice photos again. Love the last one of the girl. I should show them to my kids. My eldest boy was learning his different styles of architecture from a presentation on CD earlier this evening. Bet the kids in Manila don't learn from a CD.
Your remark about my lack of sleep hits the nail, I'm afraid. I sleep far too little, resulting in me looking 53 when I'm only 43. But there is so much to do.

Otto K.

Great continuation of the series, Sidney, especially the last two portraits.

Chris Vallancourt

You always offer a lot to contemplate with your posts. I really enjoy the portrait of the boy with no teet.


Really a great series. A lot of wonderful regards of childre. Thanks a lot Sidney.

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